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Sez Says – Aspect Dr

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About two months ago, I did something a little crazy..

I ditched my entire day to day skincare routine and replaced it with a brand I’d never used before.

I’m a creature of habit when it comes to skincare. While I’m always up for trying a new serum, mask or treatment here and there my go to basics pretty much stay the same. An advocate for routine and consistency some are shocked to know I havent changed my daily products in nearly 4 years.  If it ain’t broke don’t fix it… right? 

Previously I’ve battled some pretty tough skin issues #hormonalacnelyf which I’ve worked hard to correct overtime. As a result I’ve become quite vigilant in my day to day practices never steering too far from routine. 

So, when I decided to throw caution to the wind and replace my ENTIRE routine with the Aspect Dr range I did so with gritted teeth. 

But for the sake of research and TBH blog content I took the plunge and changed every product in my skin routine. Having seen and heard so many positive reviews about Aspect Dr I was excited to take my skin on a new little journey. I believe it’s important to trial any new routine for a minimum of one month before passing judgement but I opted to double that to two months just to make sure 😉

When I first shared this range via Instagram story a few months back and my intention to trial I was undated with messages from ladies who either:

A. Had used the range before and were ‘saaah’ confident I’d love it


B. Ladies who had also heard amazing things about Aspect Dr and were dying to know how it was. 

Well buckle up because you’re going to want to read this..

Having no major skin concerns or issues I opted for the ABC Essentials Kit which as a bonus is compact, easy to pack and air travel approved #winning. The Essential Kit is a skin management system containing 5 key products designed to work together to treat common skin conditions and concerns. Utilising key skin essential vitamins to treat aging skin. 

It contains:

  • Deep Clean – Exfoliating Cleanser – 30ml
  • Exfol A Plus Serum – Vitaman A Serum – 15ml
  • Multi B Plus Serum – Vitaman B Serum – 15ml
  • Active C Serum – Vitaman C Serum – 15ml
  • Resveratrol Cream – Hydrating Moisturiser – 15g

Deep Clean – Exfoliating Cleanse

Starting with 2-3 metered pumps dispensed into palms and massaged on to skin for 30 seconds. I found this cleanser to have amazing exfoliating properties and thoroughly cleansed my face. It left my skin feeling fresh and worked well over the congested areas on my skin.

If removing making I always suggest using a pre cleanse prior as I prefer to keep exfoliating cleansers away from the delicate eye area

Multi B Plus Serum –  This baby promises to virtually turbocharge your current AspectDR products by infusing your skin with Multi B Vitamins and a patented blend of skin fortifying sea plants.

Active C Serum –  works by lightening and brightening an uneven complexion utilising a non-irritant, ph neutral form of Vitamin C. Containing high concentrates of natural derived botanicals and high octane cosmeceuticals providing firming and tightening benefits. 

I LOVED these guys. Seriously they are worth their weight in gold. Both serums are used post cleanse and followed with moisturiser. I noticed a change in my skin immediately from the first use, my skin looked firmer brighter and more hydrated. I had become accustomed to the same products for so long I was shocked to see my skin physically glow in appearance. I think a huge change for me was the improvement texturally aswell, it felt smoother and more plump which can be attributed to the anti-aging properties. 

Finally the

Resveratrol Cream

My favourite product of the entire range. The moisturing cream is applied post serum. It contains resveratrol an advanced anti-aging ingredient coupled with calming agents and peptides. I noticed immediately how nourishing an hydrating the cream was and how it left my skin soft and supple. It sealed in the serums perfectly and worked well to hydrate and moisturise my skin especially over night.

Note: I used the Exfol A Plus Serum on an off for the 2 month trial period but was careful to stop use for 7 days post in clinic dermal treatments.

Therefore wasn’t able to gage an clear view on how it worked for my Skin as my use wasn’t consistent . I did find it gentle and non irritating which is a lovely bonus for those beginning to use rentiol as apart of their night routine. 

My verdict:

I BLOODY loved it! 

I’m actually kicking myself for not switching things up sooner. I guess now I can see clearly that I was stuck in a bit of a skincare rut. I was constantly using products designed for acne concerns that I no longer had and never opened myself up to products that could improve and enhance my skin quality. But let me tell you the hype is real, I’m officially converted! My day to day routine has been shook and I’m excited to trial more from the Aspect Dr range. 

I’m now finding myself switching back and forth between my old routine and Aspect Dr purely as breakouts occur as I know by old favourites will keep them at bay.

Ignorance is no longer bliss and it’s comforting to know I’ve got the power of choice. 

Ladies, if you’re in a similar situation to me and looking to shake up your skincare game I cannot recommend the Aspect Dr range more highly. The proof is in the pudding and the fact they are now a permanent fixture for me says it all.

Sez Says 5/5

The Aspect Dr ABC Essential Kit– Retails for $195 and it’s a fantastic way to trial the range without committing to full size products.


Shiseido Sunday – Face Mask Edition

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I have never been overly experimental with the whole ‘Face Mask’ game. I tend to keep things quite vanilla and have only ever used one or two brands before. My preference is usually something hydrating which absorbs straight into the skin requiring no wait time or need to wash off. I know boring right?

So with the release of Shiseido’s new WASO Purifying Peel Off Mask + Beauty Sleeping Mask I was ready to broaden my horizons.

Both masks are designed to combat the strain and stress of modern living, remove pollution leaving your skin revived and refresh.

Given it was a Sunday, I’m a Melbourne city gal AND I had a big work week ahead of me I was ready to Reset & Recharge.

First I tried The Purifying Peel Off Mask. It’s a pearl red mask designed to remove impurities and pollutants combating breakouts. Unclogging pores and leaving skin hydrated and smooth. It contains Red Shiso a Japanese herb renowned for its antioxidant benefits, which is a huge plus for me.

It appealed to me purely because of the vibrant red colour and the fact is was a ‘peel off mask’ the type I’d seen many ‘Insta gals’ rave about but had never actually tried myself.

I applied the mask, waited the designated 20 minutes then proceeded to find an edge to begin peeling it off. However I struggled to find an edge at first and began to freak out a little about how I would remove it. I was pacing back and forth,then began imagining what my life would be like with this mask permanently stuck to my face. Would people stare? Would I ever find a man to accept me face mask and all?

Then before I could get too ahead of myself it dried a little more and I found an edge, meltdown over #CrisisAdverted. Ive since realised upon review that I’d applied too much, so needed to wait a little longer for it to dry completely before removal. Once dry the mask peeled off seemlesly from my face and my skin felt noticeably clearer and less congested.

The second of the two The Beauty Sleeping Mask is an intensive moisturing mask infused with GreenYuzu, which nourishes skin while premoting production of hylauronic acid.

The Beauty Sleeping Mask was much more up my alley in terms of hydration, it’s less invasive and absorbs straight into the skin. I love the inclusion of Botanical Plankton Extract, an ingredient which aids the production of ATP reducing the effects of fatigue and lack of sleep. Because some days all the coffee in the world ain’t gonna brighten my eyes, so I welcome a little extra help.

The beauty sleeping mask is used at night before bed. Taking a small almond size amount applying it to skin, the gel is not removed and left on skin to allow it to work it’s magic benefits while you sleep. I woke up feeling hydrated and less puffy particularly around the eye area.

So after trialling both Shiseido masks yesterday if I had to choose, I think My pick would be the Beauty Sleeping Mask. I loved the cooling affect of the gel prior to sleep and really benefited from waking up without puffy eyes. I think it would be perfect prior to early morning starts or event to apply just before flying. However, that’s purely a personal preference, if you like something more unvaisive and active then the Purifying Peel Off Mask is perfect for that. While it’s not something I see myself routinely using, I find that it works well for spot targeting specific areas which are prone to congestion . For me that it usually the chin area, so it’s handy to know I have a mask which will work to help unclog my pores.

If you’re in need of some extra TLC on your next #SelfCareSunday, I suggestion popping into Myer or David Jones where each of these babies are now stocked.



Dupe off – Hydration Serum Edition

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Are all hydration serums created equal?

Like most gals I love a good bargain. The thought of paying full price for something never sits well with me. I’ll always troll online looking for a coupon code or sign up to a mailing list subjecting myself to constant spam if it means I can score a minimum 10% off. To me a wins a win and every little bit counts.

So when a makeup artist alerted me to what he viewed as an exact dupe for my beloved  MEDIK8 HYDR8 B5 LIQUID REHYDRATION SERUM that was less than half the price, I had my shoes on out the door ready to give it a go. HYLAMIDE LOW-MOLECULAR HA BOOSTER is a multi depth rehydration booster which claims to plump skin leaving it more youthful and radiant. 

So how do the two compare?


  • MEDIK8 HYDR8 B5 SERUM retails for around $80 give or take which pains me a little as I seem to go through it quicker than my other serums. 
  • HYLAMIDE BOOSTER SERUM retails at $29.99 however I snapped this up when Priceline was having 20% off so it only set me back $23.99. #sorrynotsorry 

Appearance + Texture:

Both come in a 30ml Pasteur pipette bottle.
**That’s fancy talk for dropper bottle. Don’t worry I had to google it too. 

Both serums are clear in nature so in terms of appearance they are identical. Texture is where they differ..  

  • MEDIK8 HYDR8 B5 SERUM is of a very light consistency and easily spread and absorbed into skin. 
  • HYLAMIDE BOOSTER SERUM is of a more thick texture. It is almost a cross between a gel and a serum and as a result takes longer to absorb into the skin.

Hydration factor:

Once again I did notice a difference in the HYLAMIDE BOOSTER SERUM’ability to hydrate my skin. I feel that it was quite surface level and I often had to reapply. This was something I never have to do while using MEDIK8 HYDR8 B5 SERUM.


Both serums contain Hyaluronic Acid an ingredient which works to retain hydration and aid collagen synthesis. HA also contains antioxidants which contributes to anti-aging benefits for the skin.

Ingredients for both serums are listed below:

  • MEDIK8 HYDR8 B5 LIQUID REHYDRATION SERUM–   Aqua (Water), Panthenol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Calcium Pantothenate, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Citric Acid.
  • HYLAMIDE LOW-MOLECULAR HA BOOSTER-   Aqua (Water), Hydrolyzed Yeast Extract, Pentylene Glycol, Tamarindus Indica Seed Gum, Sodium Hyaluronate Crosspolymer, Hydrolyzed Sodium Hyaluronate, Sodium Hyaluronate, Tremella Fuciformis Sporocarp Extract, Ahnfeltia Concinna Extract, Lecithin, Glycerin, Betaine, Polyacrylate Crosspolymer-6, Cetyl Hydroxyethylcellulose, Polyglucuronic Acid, Trisodium Ethylenediamine Disuccinate, PPG-26-Buteth-26, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Caprylyl Glycol, Hexylene Glycol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Phenoxyethanol, Chlorphenesin.

As a personal preference I do prefer to choose products with a minimal ingredient list. With reference to the HYLAMIDE BOOSTER SERUM perhaps the higher amount of ingredients could account for the difference in texture.

I would also like to note that neither product lists any fragrance in their ingredients which is a big thumbs up from me!


Upon review do I believe HYLAMIDE BOOSTER SERUM is an exact dupe for the MEDIK8 HYDR8 B5 SERUM?

Short answer.. no

The product just failed to hydrate my skin to the same level that the MEDIK8 Serum does. Leaving me to to reapply multiple times to achieve a similar result as it was not as effective at improving hydration.


At $29.99 per bottle it’s less than half the price and although the MEDIK8 HYDR8 B5 SERUM reigned superior, HYLAMIDE still does a dam good job.

It’s a perfect addition to my post skin peel routine when I need to apply multiple times per day and far more cost effective. It also works great pre and post flight as well as before makeup application. So while MEDIK8 to me is the clear winner and cream of the crop HYLAMIDE BOOSTER SERUM is certainly a great budget friendly alternative, just not an exact dupe.

I will continue to purchase for my own routine and do recommend it especially to those who are working within a budget.

Sez Xx




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When browsing the aisles of Priceline I often find myself adapting the same principles I use when selecting where to eat in China town.

If the food is good, there’s usually a cue out the door a mile long.

If a cosmetic product is good, there’s always a few gals lurking in that section and if the product is nearly sold out that’s an indication it’s a winner. 

Although the purpose of my visit was to stock up on another product by the same brand this baby caught my eye immediately. I had never seen or heard of it before but I became enticed by the fact that there was only one left on the shelf. I hate to admit it but I’m a bit of an impulse shopper at the best of times and being the last one in stock it really played on my sense of urgency #NowOrNever. So in the name of research and general curiosity I decided to take it home with me for a little play.

Enough about why I bought the product

Let’s talk about what it does..

Hylamide Glow Radiance Booster is a fast acting Booster/Serum aimed to improve lacklustre skin, targeting dullness, uneven skin tone and adding a brightness to your overall complexion.

As a girl who never lets her face see direct sunlight #casper you can imagine the ghastly pale shade it is this time of the year two months deep into Melbourne Winter. I often find myself wearing foundation more frequently in the colder months to compensate so to find a product that claimed to achieve a sun kissed glow without makeup really appealed to me.

Hylamide Glow Radiance Booster helps to produce a natural light glow to skin as it contains Raspberry Keto-Sugar – a raspberry derived alternative to self tanning ingredient DHA (an ingredient commonly used in self tanning products). Raspberry Keto-Sugar is a purified keto-sugar which essentially reacts with skin amino acids to produce a more golden tone giving your skin a natural glow.

This was a huge plus for me as I’ve never really loved the idea of applying fake tan to my face and was constantly on the look out for an alternative.

One application of Hylamide Glow before bed is usually enough for a nice natural glow however if trying to match fake tan on the body I suggest a few applications to build up the colour gradually.

Now, while online reviews are mixed and varied with some complaining about sensitivity and a dislike of the scent I’ve had no issues.

My personal opinion? I’m obsessed. I now use Hylamide Glow as an extra step in my night time routine once or twice a week just to give my skin that extra glow and a bit of colour. If you’re attempting to compete with your girlfriend who’s just returned from her European vacay then I’d suggest sticking to a darker self tanner or spray mist.

Overall I’m greatful this baby came into my life and will without a doubt be carrying it through to the summer months.

Bye bye Casper

Sez Says: 4/5 

Note: Although I initially purchased this product from Priceline they no longer stock it HOWEVER never fear the legends at Adore Beauty do.

Happy Shopping !

Sez xx


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I’m going to keep this one short and sweet.

Are you blonde?

Do you LOVE ash tone?

Then buy this. Just do it ok.

For me this product is an absolute game changer. I’ve touched on my love for EVO FABULOSO PLATINUM BLONDE in a previous blog post 12 months ago, but allow me to delve a little deeper.

As a natural brunette who’s been blonde for well over 10 years I’ve trialled my fair share of toning products to a point where I consider myself to be a bit of a blonde tone connoisseur. I’ve experienced the highs and lows and a few too many Marge Simpson blue hair moments from pushing time limits to extremes.

After years of chopping and changing I had my favourites down pat when it came to removing brassy tones and achieving a beautiful cool ash. However there always seemed to be a trade off when using a high strength ‘purple shampoo’. My colour while cool and ashy was often dull in appearance OR the shampoo would simply be too drying for my hair. 

This is the reason why I completely stopped using blonde shampoo.

I know I know, I can hear the onslaught of blondies screaming blasphemy!!! But stay with me on this..

I too was reluctant at first, but after some convincing from my hairdresser to ditch the old school concept of a blonde shampoo I trialed EVO FABULOSO PLATINUM BLONDE COLOUR INTENSIFYING CONDITIONER and haven’t looked back.

It’s a colour enhancing conditioner that works to repair, condition, add shine, instantly tone and intensify hair colour.  It’s removes all brassiness and yellow tones without making hair dull in appearance It’s basically a treatment and toner all wrapped in one! #Valueformoney

Simply shampoo hair as usual, then lather EVO FABULOSO PLATINUM BLONDE COLOUR INTENSIFYING CONDITIONER into towel dried hair. Now Evo suggest leaving the treatment on for 3 minutes before rinsing but my rebellious-boundary-pushing – white-blonde-loving nature often waits 10 #eachtotheirown. Leaving you with not only nourished hair but a beautiful intensified ash blonde.

I use this treatment once a week for a little colour refresh and purchase from ADORE BEAUTY as they do next day delivery and have a great range of skin and hair products.

Sez Says : 4.5/ 5 – Highly recommend, use once per week for best results

Sez xx

Sarah’s Staples – My daily skin care routine 

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Skincare loyalty isn’t something I’ve always adhered to.

In fact, I believe that with the plethora of skin care products readily available and the ongoing changes in our skin it’s impossible to meet all your needs using just one brand.

A gals gotta have options right?

I’ve always had the approach that if you have your skin care basics locked down, following the same routine day and night your skin will benefit from the consistency. This then gives you the freedom to cycle in and out products on a trial basis dependent on changes or arising skin concerns.

With that in mind allow me to introduce you to my Go-To basics which without fail I use everyday morning and night and just so happen to be all the same brand.


I was first introduced to the Medik8 range 4 years ago by the lovely ladies at Victorian Dermal Group.

Their entire range of cosmeceuticals is developed by biochemists and pharmacologists and has been beneficial for my skin in terms of hydration and addressing the early signs of aging #preventioniskey

I’m not going to bombard you with too much information on the Medik8 range but as a girl who battled early 20’s cystic acne and is now working towards slowing down the aging process these products have got you covered.

First cab of the rank is…


(formerly Pore Cleanse Gel)

This puppy is infused with AHA + BHA making it perfect for gentle exfoliation and removing dead skin cells leaving skin more radiant. From personal experience this cleanser is fantastic when it comes to removing makeup and foundation with no double cleanse required.

The added inclusion of glycerine helps to hydrate skin and doesn’t leave me with that tight feeling most cleansers do.

I’ll then go in with my serums.

First is the…


This serum is an absolute GODSEND I tell you! This time of the year particularly over winter my skin needs an added boost of hydration so I use this serum both morning and night. It contains Vitamin B5 which helps diminish dehydration and leaves my skin feeling plump and smooth. The presence of hyaluronic acid is an important one to not only boost moisture retention but to also soften the appearance of fine lines. Hyaluronic acid is fast becoming my new BFF and is a key ingredient I always lookout for when testing new products #TeamAntiAge

I’ll then follow up with my second favourite serum…


Before we go any further I have to say this serum smells AH-MAZING in fact the whole MEDIK8 range has a vibrant citrusy aroma about it.  It contains Vitamin C (if the product name wasn’t already a give away) the power house or ‘Mac Daddy’ of the anti-aging game. Aimed to stimulate collagen production and repair free radical damage. Along with anti-aging benefits I’ve found this serum leaves my skin with a nice radiance and glow.

Final step moisturise!

As this is my #BASIC routine I wanted to keep things #BASIC and finish with my fourth and final step.

If I’m heading out in the AM ill opt for a moisturiser/ sunscreen combo as we all know sun damage is one of the leading causes in premature aging.


…is perfect for this and acts as a great makeup primer for daytime use.

At night time when my skin requires something more nourishing I’ll opt for the…


It’s very rich, and contains botanical antioxidants to help reverse the signs of skin aging. Applying this at night helps to redensify the upper layers of my skin and works to repair damage while you sleep.

So there you have it,

My little basics which I can credit for helping my skin look the little brighter every day.

These are just the tip of the iceberg for me in terms of my beauty routine and recommendations.

So keep your eyes peeled for blog updates highlighting of all the products and treatments I use and the different brands I recommend.

While I don’t consider myself an expert I LOVE trying new products and exploring the benefits they can have on addressing certain concerns and improving your skin overall.

Watch this space…

Sez xx


Million Dollar Smile – My ZOOM Teeth whitening experience

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Now, before I get down into the nitty gritty. In the spirit of full transparency I feel I must disclose that naturally I am blessed with quite white teeth. However as time has gone on, I’ve grown older and become a lover of all things Coffee and Red wine, as a result, they just aint as white as I’d like them to be. Thus begun my research into the world of all things teeth whitening. In search of how I could correct the slight discolouration without having to compromise my lifestyle because #TeamShiraz all the way.

So when I was contacted by Phillips Zoom to give their in dentist professional whitening treatment a go, I jumped at the chance. I was introduced to the team at Vogue Dental Studios in Blackburn, who if you’ve seen their Instagram page boasts some pretty incredible smile transformation before and afters. They conduct their ZOOM whitening treatments using Hydrogen Peroxide which through research is proven to be the only whitening agent effective on human teeth. While there are many at home whitening kits readily available online containing Hydrogen Peroxide I’ve always been wary and felt more comfortable working with professionals. Having your treatment administered by a professional dentist in clinic ensures that you are whitening with the highest and safest concentration possible leaving you with better results in the shortest amount of time.

The Details of my Whitening experience at Vogue are as follows:

1.       Dr Dee first began by examining my teeth to ensure they were suitable for the treatment. While this was my third time having them whitening at Vogue this step is still important as a precaution to double check the condition and overall health of my teeth.

2.       A lip retractor was then inserted into my mouth, which is essentially just a plastic guide that moves your lips out of the way so that your dentist has full access to your teeth. Cotton is then placed inside the mouth to protect the inside of the mouth and cheeks. Which means from here on out its silent time for Sez.

3.       My Gums were protected by what is called a gingival barrier. This is applied via gel around the teeth which is then hardened with a high powered light. When dealing with higher concentrations of hydrogen peroxide it’s imperative that gums are protected. I find this important to mention as I’ve had a few friends in the past choose to purchase peroxide online for at home use only to find themselves in pain with bleeding gums. This is why we leave it to the professionals folks.

4.       The Teeth bleach was then applied to my teeth.

5.       Light was then applied – DISCO TIME. You may be thinking I am referring to the use of lights, but I’m in fact referring to the crazy cool wireless headphones you get to wear for the entire treatment process. Another great little touch by the team at Vogue.

6.       After 15 minutes under the light, the bleach is removed and then followed by another application. This can occur for up to four 15 minute rounds.

7.       Bleach, lip retractor and barrier are all removed. A few quick rinses and Voilà, my new whiter and brighter smile is revealed.

The night following my treatment I stuck to foods that were ‘clear’ for example Rice, Potatoes, eggs and avoided coffee the next morning. After that I just continued on with my normal methods of eating and drinking but since receiving the treatment I have developed the quirky little habit of enjoying my coffee through a straw which always helps.
The results indicated above are my teeth most recently after just TWO rounds of Zoom whitening at Vogue Dental Studios. We opted to stop at just two as my teeth were previously whitened a few months ago and we wanted to limit the potential discomfort later on that day as I was heading to a meeting.

As this was my third zoom session (having previously undergone 2 treatments consisting of 4 rounds) I have a bit of insight into the after effects at both ends of the spectrum. My first appointment I experienced absolutely no discomfort what so ever. Despite being warned of what was to come and supplied with relief gel and sensitivity paste I felt that I must have just been one of those lucky few who just didn’t seem to feel it. But my cocky nature soon backfired as on my second visit I got to experience the sensitivity I had been warned about and found it quite uncomfortable and difficult to sleep that night. The pain while not ideal only lasts 24 hours and is a small price to pay for a great end result. I would however recommend not whitening your teeth the days before an event as you may not be well rested due to the pain.

I couldn’t recommend the team at Vogue Dental Studios more highly. Their friendly manner and attention to detail is second to none. The fact that upon arrival to the clinic every employee looks as if they just stepped out of a tooth paste commercial only confirms the amazing work Vogue  do. I was so pleased to find a clinic that enforced the idea that you could still have white teeth without compromising your lifestyle to do so. My teeth are whitest and brightest they have ever been, and I now visit the Vogue Team in Blackburn for all my dental work, The results speak for themselves.


If you’re considering treatment Vogue Dental Studios are currently offering a number of in chair specials which can be found on their website

Keep Smiling

Sez xx

Blondes have more fun

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Many of you may be shocked to know that I, Sarah Maddison Czarnuch, am in fact.. naturally a brunette.
For the better half of 10 years I’ve been committed to the ‘blonde life’ so feel that I can offer some insight into how I’ve been able to achieve and maintain my lighter locks.

At the start of 2017 I was introduced to the lovely ladies at Vision Blonde in South Melbourne and I haven’t looked back since. 

Vision Blonde is Melbournes first and ONLY blonde concept salon. Which enables them to focus solely on achieving the perfect Blonde for each individual client. 

Taking into account things like skin tone, complexion, eye colour and overall face shape. The gals at Vision tailor made a customised blonde, that was unique and complementary to me. 

We settled on a combined ash and cream toned blonde, achieved through foiling and a tint toner to lift my natural colour. As previously mentioned I am naturally a brunette so I require my regrowth touched up every 8-10 weeks, which can be damaging to even the healthiest of hair. 

So I was thrilled to learn they used Olaplex on all colour clients in salon. For those of you who are unfamiliar it’s the reason why Kimmy K was able to go from Black to Blonde overnight. Olaplex is added to the colour then applied. It works as a strengthening and bonding agent, minimising the damage and breakage to the hair.

In order to maintain the ashy tone of my colour, the girls introduced me to the holy grail of all blonde conditioners Evo Fabuloso Platinum, I use it once a week as a treatment/toner. I find it removes any brassy or yellow tones without dulling you colour which a lot of blonde shampoos can do. This isn’t a recommendation it’s a must have for all the blondies out there!

I can’t recommend the girls at Vision more highly, they are by far the best in the bizz. Speaking from 10 years of experience and a few ‘Lisa Simpson’ yellow hair mishaps I have to say this is the best overall colour I’ve ever had hands down. Not only do they achieve fantastic results, but they educate their clients on how to properly maintain and treat their colour at home, to ensure the results last for as long as possible. 

For any girls looking to come to the light side or just looking for a blonde refresh the girls at Vision Blonde are offering 20% off to all new clients with the code:





Brow Feathering – The Arch Stylist

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When did they become a thing?

5 years ago, I didn’t own a brow pencil. I never really thought too much about them let alone whether or not they were ‘#ONFLEEK’

Oh, how the times have changed my friends.

Now, eyebrow maintenance and curation is a thriving aspect of the beauty industry, and why shouldn’t it be? Eyebrows have the power to completely change and enhance your look, they essentially frame your face.

I’ve always had the ability to grow quite thick brows naturally and thankfully avoided the trend of over plucking thanks to the pencil thin appearance of my Mother’s eyebrows as a careful reminder. (Soz Mum). However, despite having fullness on my side, symmetry was something I wasn’t blessed with. So, seeking this and being strongly enticed be the thought of never having to use a brow pencil again I decided to bite the bullet and book in with The Arch Stylist ( )

Prior to booking I did a quite in-depth scope of the Melbourne ‘brow scene’ in order to find someone who was able to achieve the natural look I was hoping for.

Having ‘virgin skin’ and never experiencing a tattoo, the thought of receiving one on my face was a little daunting to say the least. Almost to a point where I was contemplating cancelling my appointment the morning of…
Thank fully I grew a set, and decided to stick with my appointment. (Which was a wise decision as seeing Yasmin has a 2-3 month wait list)

Virtually, as soon as I stepped through the doors numbing cream was applied to my brow area, to ensure that it had ample time to take effect. We then begun discussing the type of brow look and shape I desired. Given the nature of my work and industry we opted for a natural looking brow, building on the shape that was already there, just increasing the arch on the right side and extending the brow tails.

The whole process took a little over one hour, with regular intervals of review and tweaking by Yasmin. Due to the numbing cream being applied I felt no pain or discomfort. The only experience was a mild scraping sensation as each stroke was applied.

I then left the arch stylist, with my new brows, anti-bacterial wipes and some bepanthem to use sparingly. I also received a details info sheet on how to care for the healing brows and what to expect over the next few weeks.

My experience was exactly what the info sheet and Yasmin had relayed to me. The morning after I woke to find myself with some very dark and intense brows which remained for the next few days. After that they gradually lightened as the skin healed to a point where they disappeared. Only to return a few days later at about 50% of the initial darkness.

I have since been in for my follow up/touch up appointment and the process was more or less the same, just a slight tweak on the initial shape, and let me tell you I’m obsessed.

I really do want to reiterate the importance of carefully selecting a qualified Cosmetic Tattoo Artist.
I recommend doing as much research as possible, reviewing before and after pictures of the clinic and if possible actually seeing feathered brows in person. This will help you to be realistic about the whole process and be aware of exactly what you’re signing up for.
I couldn’t be happier with the result and am honestly so glad I decided to take the plunge and couldn’t recommend feathering and in particular The Arch Stylist more highly.

I’ve convinced so many of my friends to book in and join the waiting list, as they were amazed with the natural look Yasmin was able to achieve. So I highly suggest you get in quick ladies before the wait time gets any longer.

You can thank me later..



Break Down:
Cost: $795 – Includes follow up appointment.
Healing time : 1 week without makeup, brows fully healed in 6 weeks.
Result: Better than I could have ever expected, highly recommend.