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I’m going to keep this one short and sweet.

Are you blonde?

Do you LOVE ash tone?

Then buy this. Just do it ok.

For me this product is an absolute game changer. I’ve touched on my love for EVO FABULOSO PLATINUM BLONDE in a previous blog post 12 months ago, but allow me to delve a little deeper.

As a natural brunette who’s been blonde for well over 10 years I’ve trialled my fair share of toning products to a point where I consider myself to be a bit of a blonde tone connoisseur. I’ve experienced the highs and lows and a few too many Marge Simpson blue hair moments from pushing time limits to extremes.

After years of chopping and changing I had my favourites down pat when it came to removing brassy tones and achieving a beautiful cool ash. However there always seemed to be a trade off when using a high strength ‘purple shampoo’. My colour while cool and ashy was often dull in appearance OR the shampoo would simply be too drying for my hair. 

This is the reason why I completely stopped using blonde shampoo.

I know I know, I can hear the onslaught of blondies screaming blasphemy!!! But stay with me on this..

I too was reluctant at first, but after some convincing from my hairdresser to ditch the old school concept of a blonde shampoo I trialed EVO FABULOSO PLATINUM BLONDE COLOUR INTENSIFYING CONDITIONER and haven’t looked back.

It’s a colour enhancing conditioner that works to repair, condition, add shine, instantly tone and intensify hair colour.  It’s removes all brassiness and yellow tones without making hair dull in appearance It’s basically a treatment and toner all wrapped in one! #Valueformoney

Simply shampoo hair as usual, then lather EVO FABULOSO PLATINUM BLONDE COLOUR INTENSIFYING CONDITIONER into towel dried hair. Now Evo suggest leaving the treatment on for 3 minutes before rinsing but my rebellious-boundary-pushing – white-blonde-loving nature often waits 10 #eachtotheirown. Leaving you with not only nourished hair but a beautiful intensified ash blonde.

I use this treatment once a week for a little colour refresh and purchase from ADORE BEAUTY as they do next day delivery and have a great range of skin and hair products.

Sez Says : 4.5/ 5 – Highly recommend, use once per week for best results

Sez xx

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