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Skincare loyalty isn’t something I’ve always adhered to.

In fact, I believe that with the plethora of skin care products readily available and the ongoing changes in our skin it’s impossible to meet all your needs using just one brand.

A gals gotta have options right?

I’ve always had the approach that if you have your skin care basics locked down, following the same routine day and night your skin will benefit from the consistency. This then gives you the freedom to cycle in and out products on a trial basis dependent on changes or arising skin concerns.

With that in mind allow me to introduce you to my Go-To basics which without fail I use everyday morning and night and just so happen to be all the same brand.


I was first introduced to the Medik8 range 4 years ago by the lovely ladies at Victorian Dermal Group.

Their entire range of cosmeceuticals is developed by biochemists and pharmacologists and has been beneficial for my skin in terms of hydration and addressing the early signs of aging #preventioniskey

I’m not going to bombard you with too much information on the Medik8 range but as a girl who battled early 20’s cystic acne and is now working towards slowing down the aging process these products have got you covered.

First cab of the rank is…


(formerly Pore Cleanse Gel)

This puppy is infused with AHA + BHA making it perfect for gentle exfoliation and removing dead skin cells leaving skin more radiant. From personal experience this cleanser is fantastic when it comes to removing makeup and foundation with no double cleanse required.

The added inclusion of glycerine helps to hydrate skin and doesn’t leave me with that tight feeling most cleansers do.

I’ll then go in with my serums.

First is the…


This serum is an absolute GODSEND I tell you! This time of the year particularly over winter my skin needs an added boost of hydration so I use this serum both morning and night. It contains Vitamin B5 which helps diminish dehydration and leaves my skin feeling plump and smooth. The presence of hyaluronic acid is an important one to not only boost moisture retention but to also soften the appearance of fine lines. Hyaluronic acid is fast becoming my new BFF and is a key ingredient I always lookout for when testing new products #TeamAntiAge

I’ll then follow up with my second favourite serum…


Before we go any further I have to say this serum smells AH-MAZING in fact the whole MEDIK8 range has a vibrant citrusy aroma about it.  It contains Vitamin C (if the product name wasn’t already a give away) the power house or ‘Mac Daddy’ of the anti-aging game. Aimed to stimulate collagen production and repair free radical damage. Along with anti-aging benefits I’ve found this serum leaves my skin with a nice radiance and glow.

Final step moisturise!

As this is my #BASIC routine I wanted to keep things #BASIC and finish with my fourth and final step.

If I’m heading out in the AM ill opt for a moisturiser/ sunscreen combo as we all know sun damage is one of the leading causes in premature aging.


…is perfect for this and acts as a great makeup primer for daytime use.

At night time when my skin requires something more nourishing I’ll opt for the…


It’s very rich, and contains botanical antioxidants to help reverse the signs of skin aging. Applying this at night helps to redensify the upper layers of my skin and works to repair damage while you sleep.

So there you have it,

My little basics which I can credit for helping my skin look the little brighter every day.

These are just the tip of the iceberg for me in terms of my beauty routine and recommendations.

So keep your eyes peeled for blog updates highlighting of all the products and treatments I use and the different brands I recommend.

While I don’t consider myself an expert I LOVE trying new products and exploring the benefits they can have on addressing certain concerns and improving your skin overall.

Watch this space…

Sez xx


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