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You asked.
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Here is the first of many product recommendations coming your way..


Those of you who follow me on Instagram would be well aware of my LOVE for skin treatments and in particular chemical peels.

Skin to me is something you need to invest time and money into. I’m often contacted by followers who are working within a budget or too time poor to get into a clinic regularly enough to maintain results.

While there is no substitute for professional care and administration, from my experience I’ve found ALPHA-H LIQUID GOLD to be the next best thing.

ALPHA-H LIQUID GOLD first came to my attention a few years ago, branded as a ‘cult favourite’ and raved about by beauty bloggers alike. However, for one reason or another I had avoided following suit and had not tested it myself until I received it as a sample in my regular skincare online order delivery – Cheers Adore Beauty

A product I’m now kicking myself for not trying sooner. The name speaks for itself this stuff is LIQUID GOLD baby!

It’s applied of a night post cleanse to dry skin with a cotton wool pad then followed up with moisturiser. For more intense results I often opt to skip the moisturiser and follow with just  eye cream. I find this helps in particular if I’m suffering from break outs and helps to clear them up pretty much over night. From the first use I noticed my skin had a glow about it  and almost mimicked that fresh peel look. 

Glycolic Acid a key ingredient in ALPHA-H LIQUID GOLD accelerates skin cell turnover to help remove impurities while targeting fine lines and sun damage. The multi action formula contains a blend of Silk Protein and licorice extract, to soothe and brighten the skin over night improving skin tone and texture while retaining moisture level.

I just want the reiterate that I still don’t see this as a substitute for the amazing results a chemical peel can produce. This is just perhaps a better option for those that are budget conscious and time poor.

Sez Says : 4/5 – Highly recommend, use once per week for best results.

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