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I have never been overly experimental with the whole ‘Face Mask’ game. I tend to keep things quite vanilla and have only ever used one or two brands before. My preference is usually something hydrating which absorbs straight into the skin requiring no wait time or need to wash off. I know boring right?

So with the release of Shiseido’s new WASO Purifying Peel Off Mask + Beauty Sleeping Mask I was ready to broaden my horizons.

Both masks are designed to combat the strain and stress of modern living, remove pollution leaving your skin revived and refresh.

Given it was a Sunday, I’m a Melbourne city gal AND I had a big work week ahead of me I was ready to Reset & Recharge.

First I tried The Purifying Peel Off Mask. It’s a pearl red mask designed to remove impurities and pollutants combating breakouts. Unclogging pores and leaving skin hydrated and smooth. It contains Red Shiso a Japanese herb renowned for its antioxidant benefits, which is a huge plus for me.

It appealed to me purely because of the vibrant red colour and the fact is was a ‘peel off mask’ the type I’d seen many ‘Insta gals’ rave about but had never actually tried myself.

I applied the mask, waited the designated 20 minutes then proceeded to find an edge to begin peeling it off. However I struggled to find an edge at first and began to freak out a little about how I would remove it. I was pacing back and forth,then began imagining what my life would be like with this mask permanently stuck to my face. Would people stare? Would I ever find a man to accept me face mask and all?

Then before I could get too ahead of myself it dried a little more and I found an edge, meltdown over #CrisisAdverted. Ive since realised upon review that I’d applied too much, so needed to wait a little longer for it to dry completely before removal. Once dry the mask peeled off seemlesly from my face and my skin felt noticeably clearer and less congested.

The second of the two The Beauty Sleeping Mask is an intensive moisturing mask infused with GreenYuzu, which nourishes skin while premoting production of hylauronic acid.

The Beauty Sleeping Mask was much more up my alley in terms of hydration, it’s less invasive and absorbs straight into the skin. I love the inclusion of Botanical Plankton Extract, an ingredient which aids the production of ATP reducing the effects of fatigue and lack of sleep. Because some days all the coffee in the world ain’t gonna brighten my eyes, so I welcome a little extra help.

The beauty sleeping mask is used at night before bed. Taking a small almond size amount applying it to skin, the gel is not removed and left on skin to allow it to work it’s magic benefits while you sleep. I woke up feeling hydrated and less puffy particularly around the eye area.

So after trialling both Shiseido masks yesterday if I had to choose, I think My pick would be the Beauty Sleeping Mask. I loved the cooling affect of the gel prior to sleep and really benefited from waking up without puffy eyes. I think it would be perfect prior to early morning starts or event to apply just before flying. However, that’s purely a personal preference, if you like something more unvaisive and active then the Purifying Peel Off Mask is perfect for that. While it’s not something I see myself routinely using, I find that it works well for spot targeting specific areas which are prone to congestion . For me that it usually the chin area, so it’s handy to know I have a mask which will work to help unclog my pores.

If you’re in need of some extra TLC on your next #SelfCareSunday, I suggestion popping into Myer or David Jones where each of these babies are now stocked.



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