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When did they become a thing?

5 years ago, I didn’t own a brow pencil. I never really thought too much about them let alone whether or not they were ‘#ONFLEEK’

Oh, how the times have changed my friends.

Now, eyebrow maintenance and curation is a thriving aspect of the beauty industry, and why shouldn’t it be? Eyebrows have the power to completely change and enhance your look, they essentially frame your face.

I’ve always had the ability to grow quite thick brows naturally and thankfully avoided the trend of over plucking thanks to the pencil thin appearance of my Mother’s eyebrows as a careful reminder. (Soz Mum). However, despite having fullness on my side, symmetry was something I wasn’t blessed with. So, seeking this and being strongly enticed be the thought of never having to use a brow pencil again I decided to bite the bullet and book in with The Arch Stylist ( )

Prior to booking I did a quite in-depth scope of the Melbourne ‘brow scene’ in order to find someone who was able to achieve the natural look I was hoping for.

Having ‘virgin skin’ and never experiencing a tattoo, the thought of receiving one on my face was a little daunting to say the least. Almost to a point where I was contemplating cancelling my appointment the morning of…
Thank fully I grew a set, and decided to stick with my appointment. (Which was a wise decision as seeing Yasmin has a 2-3 month wait list)

Virtually, as soon as I stepped through the doors numbing cream was applied to my brow area, to ensure that it had ample time to take effect. We then begun discussing the type of brow look and shape I desired. Given the nature of my work and industry we opted for a natural looking brow, building on the shape that was already there, just increasing the arch on the right side and extending the brow tails.

The whole process took a little over one hour, with regular intervals of review and tweaking by Yasmin. Due to the numbing cream being applied I felt no pain or discomfort. The only experience was a mild scraping sensation as each stroke was applied.

I then left the arch stylist, with my new brows, anti-bacterial wipes and some bepanthem to use sparingly. I also received a details info sheet on how to care for the healing brows and what to expect over the next few weeks.

My experience was exactly what the info sheet and Yasmin had relayed to me. The morning after I woke to find myself with some very dark and intense brows which remained for the next few days. After that they gradually lightened as the skin healed to a point where they disappeared. Only to return a few days later at about 50% of the initial darkness.

I have since been in for my follow up/touch up appointment and the process was more or less the same, just a slight tweak on the initial shape, and let me tell you I’m obsessed.

I really do want to reiterate the importance of carefully selecting a qualified Cosmetic Tattoo Artist.
I recommend doing as much research as possible, reviewing before and after pictures of the clinic and if possible actually seeing feathered brows in person. This will help you to be realistic about the whole process and be aware of exactly what you’re signing up for.
I couldn’t be happier with the result and am honestly so glad I decided to take the plunge and couldn’t recommend feathering and in particular The Arch Stylist more highly.

I’ve convinced so many of my friends to book in and join the waiting list, as they were amazed with the natural look Yasmin was able to achieve. So I highly suggest you get in quick ladies before the wait time gets any longer.

You can thank me later..



Break Down:
Cost: $795 – Includes follow up appointment.
Healing time : 1 week without makeup, brows fully healed in 6 weeks.
Result: Better than I could have ever expected, highly recommend.

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  • Chivy C. says:

    What a brilliant synopsis of the fantastic experience we both shared independently. I couldn’t agree more with your recommendation to research and cite the feathered brow look prior consultation so expectation is realistic.
    I’m saying Yasmin (AKA the arch stylist) is truly genius with her skill set and brow styling so potential clients can rest assured that their #browgame is in good hands

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