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Many of you may be shocked to know that I, Sarah Maddison Czarnuch, am in fact.. naturally a brunette.
For the better half of 10 years I’ve been committed to the ‘blonde life’ so feel that I can offer some insight into how I’ve been able to achieve and maintain my lighter locks.

At the start of 2017 I was introduced to the lovely ladies at Vision Blonde in South Melbourne and I haven’t looked back since. 

Vision Blonde is Melbournes first and ONLY blonde concept salon. Which enables them to focus solely on achieving the perfect Blonde for each individual client. 

Taking into account things like skin tone, complexion, eye colour and overall face shape. The gals at Vision tailor made a customised blonde, that was unique and complementary to me. 

We settled on a combined ash and cream toned blonde, achieved through foiling and a tint toner to lift my natural colour. As previously mentioned I am naturally a brunette so I require my regrowth touched up every 8-10 weeks, which can be damaging to even the healthiest of hair. 

So I was thrilled to learn they used Olaplex on all colour clients in salon. For those of you who are unfamiliar it’s the reason why Kimmy K was able to go from Black to Blonde overnight. Olaplex is added to the colour then applied. It works as a strengthening and bonding agent, minimising the damage and breakage to the hair.

In order to maintain the ashy tone of my colour, the girls introduced me to the holy grail of all blonde conditioners Evo Fabuloso Platinum, I use it once a week as a treatment/toner. I find it removes any brassy or yellow tones without dulling you colour which a lot of blonde shampoos can do. This isn’t a recommendation it’s a must have for all the blondies out there!

I can’t recommend the girls at Vision more highly, they are by far the best in the bizz. Speaking from 10 years of experience and a few ‘Lisa Simpson’ yellow hair mishaps I have to say this is the best overall colour I’ve ever had hands down. Not only do they achieve fantastic results, but they educate their clients on how to properly maintain and treat their colour at home, to ensure the results last for as long as possible. 

For any girls looking to come to the light side or just looking for a blonde refresh the girls at Vision Blonde are offering 20% off to all new clients with the code:





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