Spring Racing – Race Day Clutch

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Just like that spring racing is nearly upon us.

Outfits sorted, hair/makeup done, innersoles-placed firmly in heels.

Now all that’s left is to pack the all important clutch.

With minimal space to spare it’s important to pack smart and condense down to just the necessities.

I’ve done the hard work for you and come up with a list of my top beauty picks and must haves for your race day clutch.

Consider this your spring racing survival pack which ensures your race day glam stays on-point from champagne breakfast until the very last race.

Lip Colour touch up- I’m yet to come across a lip product that could withstand 8 hours of race day eating and drinking. Whether you’ve opted for a bold red or a subtle nude it’s important to always have your touch up bases covered. Mecca offer a great range of Mac Cosmetics mini lipsticks that will fit snugly into your clutch when space is an issue.

Mini Mac Lipstick 

Powder- Spring Racing Carnival is the time to let your outfit shine, not your forehead. While I love a subtle highlight, too much shine is something we want to avoid. I love the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder as it helps remove oil residue without flattening the skin. It’s the best powder I’ve found for creating luminous skin and comesin travel size.

HourGlass Ambient Lighting Powder 

Eyelash glue  With the growing trend of cateye liner and volume lashes, all day maintenance is of utmost importance. Rushed mornings to gettrackside often mean eyelash glue might be missed in the corners causing them to lift by midday. Carrying a small tube of lash glue ensures you can reapply if needed and will probably make you very popular in the ladies’ bathroom around 2pm.

Model Rock Lashes 

Sunscreen- We’ve all seen the photos of those poor girls’ post-race day sporting some heftybright red tan lines. Although many of us use makeup with SPF we often neglect sunscreen application to the rest of our body. With shoulders and arms often exposed to direct sunlight it’s important to reapply every 2 hours. If you’re worried about white residue, I love the Drunk Elephant Umbra Tinte™ Physical Daily Defense SPF 30. It blends seamlessly into most skin tones leaving behind a glowy finish, making it the perfect addition to your race day glam routine.

Drunk Elephant Sunscreen 

Sunglasses- Nothing ruins a makeup look fasterthan constant squinting and frowning from sunglare. If youre in direct sun for most of the day opt for a pair of sleek shades that compliment your race day look. These are also a fool proof safety net in case your makeup doesn’t last the day. 


Hydration- I guess this one isn’t exactly an obvious beauty related tip and a water bottle may be too large to fit into your clutch. However, this is a gentle reminder to hydrate yourself prior,during and post-race day. This will ensure your skin is glowing, and help you feel a lot better the next day especially after a few champagnes.

Happy Racing Ladies

See you trackside!

Sarah x

Pump Up The Volume –

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Just when you thought it was all over.

I’ve decided to come back John Farnham style one last time and add an impromptu third part to my hair series..

As previously discussed here and here I’ve highlighted the key tips, tricks, products and treatments that in my opinion all work best to grow out a bad hair cut as quick as possible.

I’ve practiced these day in day out for the past 12 months and I can tell you they absolutely worked a treat. My hair with a bit of time and patience was restored back to its original length **cue happy dance.

However.. One thing I wasn’t counting on was the loss in over all thickness and volume that occurs when you choose to hastily cut bangs. Logically it makes sense, the hair has to come from somewhere I guess.

As a result despite my hair back at its original length, I was no longer able to achieve the thickness and volume I desired without constant styling and the use of volume products.

So, after advice from a few hair industry gal pals I decided to visit the team at Emilly Hadrill Hair Extensions for some volume Tape Extensions to add a bit of dimension. Prior to my visit I was a Hair Extension ‘Virgin’ not knowing much about the process or what to expect.

I’ve always been cautious of extensions as I’ve seen some real doozys over the years. So as with anything beauty related I did my research and found Emilly Hadrill who has salons all throughout Australia offering premium hair extensions. Every girl who’s hair I’ve admired and to be perfectly honest didn’t even realise wore extensions are a client so I knew I was on to a winner. They cater to all desires whether it be length, volume or a complete hair glamour package. Specialising in numerous application techniques including wefts, tapes and microbeading.

I expressed my desire to keep the look as natural as possible, only wanting to add a few tapes for volume without increasing the length.

After my initial consult and colour match we agreed upon 100 grams of Invisi Tapes in two varying blonde shades scattered throughout.

A week later I returned to their Melbourne Salon and we began the process as follows..

Step One:
Hair was washed and blow dried straight. Extensions are then toned to match if required, however in my case they were an exact match #LuckyGirl.
Step Two

Extensions/Invisi Tapes were added throughout my hair with a primary focus of filling in the gaps around my face. #KimmyKVibes 

Step Three
Hair extensions were then trimmed to desired length – For me that was to align with my initial hair length as I was purely seeking volume. 
Step Four

Hair was then styled and photographed to death.

Before & After. Va Va Voom

So there you have it, amazing how much impact a little extra hair can have overall. Extensions do take a bit of an adjustment and require a few new hair products for maintenance. But the team at Emilly Hadrill go through this all in depth ensuring that you get the absolute most out of your extensions for as long as possible.

The whole process takes about an hour and a half, slightly longer for me as I get a bit chatty.

So for now off I go, sauntering into the sunset enjoying my new luscious locks. Before I return back to the salon in 5 weeks for my maintenance where I will have the extensions replaced higher as my hair grows.

Any questions on my experience please leave below, or contact the lovely ladies at Emilly Hadrill Hair Extensions for service related questions.



Sez Says – Luscious Locks – Hair Growth Tips. PART ONE

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Ok, I’ll admit it.

The New Year got the better of me.
I got a little caught up in the whole ‘New Year, new me’ thing and did something a little irrational.

I chopped all my hair off, which within in itself isn’t that big of a deal. But in true Sarah style, I went a step further and elected to get some sassy bangs to go with it.
The realisation that this shorter do was in fact more high maintenance than my longer hair, and that I didn’t have the bone structure or hair type to pull it off came fast. As a result I immediately began the battle to grow it as quick as humanly possible.

In a world of special ‘vitamins’ and gummy bears that are constantly in our faces promoted by influencers and celebrities as the holy grail for hair growth. I wanted to be real and transparent about the tips and tricks I’ve personally used, and can vouch for.

I’m not going to sugar coat it ladies, it takes time. No matter how many tips and tricks I give, you have to be patient. You have to deal with the tricky/awkward/unattractive stages of growth. (If you’ve ever grown out bangs you’ll be well aware of the period of time where you start to resemble Keith Urban). But it’s worth it in the end when you finally have those luscious locks you’ve always wanted.

(Hair growth from Feb – July, read to the end for my current length)

Hair colour.
The first thing to consider when trying to grow your hair is your colour service. How much maintenance is involved, and how much it will hinder possible future growth?

Once I made the decision to fully commit to growing the cut out, I debated whether or not to go darker. Constant bleaching or exposure to peroxide can certainly slow the process, but I’m far too committed to #BlondeLife to take that route. So after some advice from my colourist, we opted for a root shade and face framing foils. This ensured that I still looked super blonde which enabled me to cause less damage to my hair by constantly colouring with a full head of foils.

Olaplex – my absolute best bud in terms of strengthening and maintaining hair integrity. The girls at Vision Blonde have been using it in tandem with my colour for nearly 2 years and my hair condition has improved SO much. I’m a natural brunette so with constant colour and heat styling, breakage is one of my biggest concerns. Couple that with a desire to grow length it wouldn’t of been possible without the Olaplex range.

Looking after your colour doesn’t stop in salon, in fact it’s how you treat your hair in-between appointments which makes all the difference. Opaplex No3 has been an absolute game changer for me, and I’ve been vigilant with at home routine using it religiously once a week as a treatment. It works to continue the reparative process that’s begun with your in salon colour treatment. I use it weekly to help repair new damage and it also helps to maintain my colour. Olaplex No 3 is applied first before shampoo, not after (which I only found out 6 months ago #oops) to towel dried hair, combed through and left for a minimum of 10 minutes. Anyone who knows me well knows I take my treatments very seriously. I tend to go hard which means I may leave it on overnight and have once or twice (for efficiency purposes) been guilty of repping it at the gym. My life motto – Work smarter not harder.

Over the past few months I’ve been trialing the new Olaplex No4 shampoo and No5 conditioner and am pretty obsessed thus far. A little goes a long way and I’ve have noticed a pretty impressive improvement in density. It’s very hydrating and works to improve shine and manageability. While I don’t think these are absolute must buys if you’re in the market and want to optimise hair growth and quality I highly recommend.

Hot stuff 
After spending time and effort strengthening and preserving hair quality, the last thing you want to do is undo it in the styling stakes. A lot of girls practice great hair care only to burn and singe hair within an inch of its life through constant styling. My advice for quicker hair growth: Avoid heat styling as much as possible. To girls who love a Wave: this will be a bit of a sacrifice. I’ve found working as a model difficult as you rarely get a say in how your hair is styled. Therefore I really had to limit the amount of self-styling I was doing at home. This meant often opting for a messy bun up-do or just embracing the straight.

Protect yourself
I’m realistic about heat and styling tools, there is absolutely no way I could of committed to going heat free for 9 months. Props to the ladies that do, but I love a textured wave too much to go completely go cold turkey. My final tip and possibly the most important recommendation…

Thermal Protector. This goes far beyond anyone wanting to promote hair growth and quality. Do not put heat to your hair without it. Honestly I cannot stress this enough. I am relentless and will carry a bottle with me to jobs in case the hair artist doesn’t have any. My current go to is the Extinguish Thermal spray with Argan oil from De Lorenzo. It helps shield hair from breakage and split ends. It is essential for protecting hair against heat damage and works with Argan oil to smooth providing the perfect humidity resistant finish.

I could go on for days about all the little tips I’ve tried over the past year but these are my absolute best of the the best.

 Although my hair journey doesn’t end here this is only Part One I’m pretty happy with the results so far.. 

I am constantly on the lookout for new products and treatments to try, so if any of my readers have recommendations or experiences please do share bellow I’m all ears…

Thanks for Reading,
Sez xx