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For those of you who missed Part One of my Hair Story allow me to recap..

Girl gets hair cut.

Girl immediately regrets said hair cut.

Girl’s hair starts to resemble that of Keith urban.

Girl becomes so determined to grow her locks as fast as possible and endeavours to do everything possible to achieve this.

In part one I discussed the number of different products I had been using to help repair the structure and overall health of my hair. Being a blondie who’s hair is constantly heat styled can have its challenges so if you’re on the lookout for some product advice please read here.

Now time for Part Two:

Over the spring racing carnival I met the Devine Tom Owner of Xiang Hair. Who introduced me to the Kérastase Extentioniste Protocole concept, which in essence claimed to promote atleast 4cm of hair growth over a 12 week period. I’m a lover of long locks as I find them honestly to be more low maintenance and require little to no styling on my behalf. So if this training program in 12 weeks was able to bring me closer to the hair of my dreams.. I was signed up and ready to rumble.

So what is it?

Kérastase Extentioniste is essentially a personal trainer for your hair. It is a 90 day – 12 week – 3 month hair program designed to optimise and reinforce the length of damaged hair. It’s a series of Three in salon treatments followed by at home care, with hair growth measure at 6 week intivals.

What is the process?

In Salon: 

My In Salon experience was pretty stock standard comparative to previous hair treatments I’d had. Kérastase Shampoo was used then followed with conditioner leaving my hair feeling clean and fresh.

While at the basin two different reparative serums were applied. The first Kérastase Soin No.1 a liquid distribution at the scalp and then massaged in to activate. I think I’m not alone when I say there is probably no better feeling in life than a well delivered hairdressers head massage #Amiright?

This is then followed up with the Kérastase Protocole Soin No.2 which is a mask based treatment managed through the ends of the hair. Left on for 10 minutes you get her chance to kick back flip through the latest Harpers Bazaar and have a glass of Vino. 
My hair was then blow dried straight and measured, thus beginning the experiment. Returning every 6 weeks for another in salon booster treatment and to measure my hair progress.

At home:

Like with any type of training program what you do in the gym has the be replicated in the routine you carry out at home. The Kérastase Extentioniste Training program is no different requiring you to follow up with at home products to ensure best results are achieved. I myself already a user of Kérastase hair masks really enjoyed trialling out more of the range. I personally found huge cosmetic benefits in using kerastase over the past 12 weeks.

With the primary hair targets of:

  • Activate
  • Strengthen
  • Boost

Bain Extensioniste – A strengthening and fortifying shampoo, helps to achieve length and reduce breakage.

Fondant Extensioniste – Enriched with Ceramides and Acid Maleic to instantly improve quality and seal the hair fiber. Infusing weak and brittle hair to actively heal the particles and strength hair length.

Serum Extensioniste – This little pocket rocket is a highly concentrated formula which helps to stimulate growth at the roots and protect against environmental aggressors. Applied to the scalp daily for the duration of the program to help strengthen and fortify for reduced breakage.

These three at home products work in tandem to deliver great results optimising maximum hair growth. I do need to add that I also noticed a huge difference in the appearance of my hair cosmetically while using them’

The Results

To be honest I could sit here and tell you what I think.. but I’m more of a visual gal anyway so I’ll let the results do the talking..

The Beginning – 20 inches 

After 6 weeks – 21.5 inches

After 12 weeks – 23 inches

After 15 weeks – 24 Inches (The addiction became a little real and I ended up sneaking back for a 4th treatment)

**drumroll please

Over my 15 week Kerastase Extensioniste training program my hair has grown… 4 whole inches.

That’s right, not centimetres as projected.. but INCHES!!

The numbers don’t lie and I am #TeamKerastase all the way. My colourists can’t believe how much my hair has grown in length, thickness and overall health. Even commenting that it’s the healthiest they’ve ever seen my hair, feedback I’ve been lapping up.

I recommend this treatment program for anyone seeking to lengthen their locks and consider it to be a fantastic hair investment. Not only did I notice hair growth in length, but a huge increase in volume with my hair feeling a lot thicker at the conclusion . Blondes in particular who have suffered breakage from over processing Kérastase Extentioniste Protocole is something I strongly recommend.

Sez Says


Such a positive first experience in Salon with Kerastase and I can tell it won’t be the last.

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