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Just when you thought it was all over.

I’ve decided to come back John Farnham style one last time and add an impromptu third part to my hair series..

As previously discussed here and here I’ve highlighted the key tips, tricks, products and treatments that in my opinion all work best to grow out a bad hair cut as quick as possible.

I’ve practiced these day in day out for the past 12 months and I can tell you they absolutely worked a treat. My hair with a bit of time and patience was restored back to its original length **cue happy dance.

However.. One thing I wasn’t counting on was the loss in over all thickness and volume that occurs when you choose to hastily cut bangs. Logically it makes sense, the hair has to come from somewhere I guess.

As a result despite my hair back at its original length, I was no longer able to achieve the thickness and volume I desired without constant styling and the use of volume products.

So, after advice from a few hair industry gal pals I decided to visit the team at Emilly Hadrill Hair Extensions for some volume Tape Extensions to add a bit of dimension. Prior to my visit I was a Hair Extension ‘Virgin’ not knowing much about the process or what to expect.

I’ve always been cautious of extensions as I’ve seen some real doozys over the years. So as with anything beauty related I did my research and found Emilly Hadrill who has salons all throughout Australia offering premium hair extensions. Every girl who’s hair I’ve admired and to be perfectly honest didn’t even realise wore extensions are a client so I knew I was on to a winner. They cater to all desires whether it be length, volume or a complete hair glamour package. Specialising in numerous application techniques including wefts, tapes and microbeading.

I expressed my desire to keep the look as natural as possible, only wanting to add a few tapes for volume without increasing the length.

After my initial consult and colour match we agreed upon 100 grams of Invisi Tapes in two varying blonde shades scattered throughout.

A week later I returned to their Melbourne Salon and we began the process as follows..

Step One:
Hair was washed and blow dried straight. Extensions are then toned to match if required, however in my case they were an exact match #LuckyGirl.
Step Two

Extensions/Invisi Tapes were added throughout my hair with a primary focus of filling in the gaps around my face. #KimmyKVibes 

Step Three
Hair extensions were then trimmed to desired length – For me that was to align with my initial hair length as I was purely seeking volume. 
Step Four

Hair was then styled and photographed to death.

Before & After. Va Va Voom

So there you have it, amazing how much impact a little extra hair can have overall. Extensions do take a bit of an adjustment and require a few new hair products for maintenance. But the team at Emilly Hadrill go through this all in depth ensuring that you get the absolute most out of your extensions for as long as possible.

The whole process takes about an hour and a half, slightly longer for me as I get a bit chatty.

So for now off I go, sauntering into the sunset enjoying my new luscious locks. Before I return back to the salon in 5 weeks for my maintenance where I will have the extensions replaced higher as my hair grows.

Any questions on my experience please leave below, or contact the lovely ladies at Emilly Hadrill Hair Extensions for service related questions.



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