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Invisalign Express – My Smile Journey

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Fun fact: your lower jaw never stops growing.

Your mandible (lower jaw) continues to grow forward throughout your entire life. This forward growth, while slow and small often results in your lower front teeth bumping into the upper front teeth from behind causing your upper front teeth to space out or lower front teeth to overcrowd becoming crooked.

By no means am I a perfectionist but as someone who endured two rounds of braces (once at 16 then again at 21) it really irked me that my teeth were still slightly crooked. I’d dealt with the pain, cuts in my mouth and the perpetual 16 year old fear that if I disco pashed another boy with braces we’d end up caught.

So I wasn’t ready to accept that after all that I just wouldn’t have straight teeth.

In an Instagram world full of the quick fix veneer which wasn’t a path I needed or wanted to go down. It was important for me to keep my teeth in their natural low maintenance state.

For two reasons:

1. My teeth were perfectly fine as they were with a good natural shape and no over crowding.

2. It would have been a real slap in the face to my parents who spent thousands on orthodontics over the years.

So when Dr Dee from Vogue Dental Studios suggested I give Invisalign’s newest Express format a go it was the perfect fit.

Invisalign Express in a nutshell is an orthodontic treatment that works in the same way as traditional Invisalign – just in a shorter duration requiring less aligners. It is an ideal option for people with minor crowding or spacing issues.

So, this one’s for the folks that just need a little tweak to their smile. If you’ve had braces before and suffered an orthodontic relapse or haven’t worn your retainer consistently #guilty.

Treatment plan:

My Invisalign Express treatment plan Consisted of 7 Retainers that were changed at intervals of 10 days. Note: treatment plans are determined on a case by case basis, which will determine the duration and number of aligners.

The Process:

Having experienced braces I found my Invisalign journey to be such a carefree and smooth process. The alligners were virtually undetectable and I was even able to wear them at work while on shoots. I experienced minimal discomfort when first starting a new retainer and only had a slight lisp that was picked up on by one close friend. The retainers are very discreet and I wore mine 24/7 only removing at mealtimes.

The Results:

As you can see my changes are very minimal. The bottom teeth were straightened and my smile was slightly widened overall.

Express Invisalign isn’t for everyone, in particular those who require a large amount of movement and correction. The team at Vogue Dental studios offer a wide variety of treatment plans that will be specific to each individual.

My opinion:

Honestly I couldn’t be more happy with the results. The short treatment plan, ease of the aligners and great results make this an easy recommendation for me. My treatment concluded with a few rounds of Zoom Whitening at Vogue Dental Studios leaving my smile Euro Summer ready.

Sez xx

Sez Says – Aspect Dr

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About two months ago, I did something a little crazy..

I ditched my entire day to day skincare routine and replaced it with a brand I’d never used before.

I’m a creature of habit when it comes to skincare. While I’m always up for trying a new serum, mask or treatment here and there my go to basics pretty much stay the same. An advocate for routine and consistency some are shocked to know I havent changed my daily products in nearly 4 years.  If it ain’t broke don’t fix it… right? 

Previously I’ve battled some pretty tough skin issues #hormonalacnelyf which I’ve worked hard to correct overtime. As a result I’ve become quite vigilant in my day to day practices never steering too far from routine. 

So, when I decided to throw caution to the wind and replace my ENTIRE routine with the Aspect Dr range I did so with gritted teeth. 

But for the sake of research and TBH blog content I took the plunge and changed every product in my skin routine. Having seen and heard so many positive reviews about Aspect Dr I was excited to take my skin on a new little journey. I believe it’s important to trial any new routine for a minimum of one month before passing judgement but I opted to double that to two months just to make sure 😉

When I first shared this range via Instagram story a few months back and my intention to trial I was undated with messages from ladies who either:

A. Had used the range before and were ‘saaah’ confident I’d love it


B. Ladies who had also heard amazing things about Aspect Dr and were dying to know how it was. 

Well buckle up because you’re going to want to read this..

Having no major skin concerns or issues I opted for the ABC Essentials Kit which as a bonus is compact, easy to pack and air travel approved #winning. The Essential Kit is a skin management system containing 5 key products designed to work together to treat common skin conditions and concerns. Utilising key skin essential vitamins to treat aging skin. 

It contains:

  • Deep Clean – Exfoliating Cleanser – 30ml
  • Exfol A Plus Serum – Vitaman A Serum – 15ml
  • Multi B Plus Serum – Vitaman B Serum – 15ml
  • Active C Serum – Vitaman C Serum – 15ml
  • Resveratrol Cream – Hydrating Moisturiser – 15g

Deep Clean – Exfoliating Cleanse

Starting with 2-3 metered pumps dispensed into palms and massaged on to skin for 30 seconds. I found this cleanser to have amazing exfoliating properties and thoroughly cleansed my face. It left my skin feeling fresh and worked well over the congested areas on my skin.

If removing making I always suggest using a pre cleanse prior as I prefer to keep exfoliating cleansers away from the delicate eye area

Multi B Plus Serum –  This baby promises to virtually turbocharge your current AspectDR products by infusing your skin with Multi B Vitamins and a patented blend of skin fortifying sea plants.

Active C Serum –  works by lightening and brightening an uneven complexion utilising a non-irritant, ph neutral form of Vitamin C. Containing high concentrates of natural derived botanicals and high octane cosmeceuticals providing firming and tightening benefits. 

I LOVED these guys. Seriously they are worth their weight in gold. Both serums are used post cleanse and followed with moisturiser. I noticed a change in my skin immediately from the first use, my skin looked firmer brighter and more hydrated. I had become accustomed to the same products for so long I was shocked to see my skin physically glow in appearance. I think a huge change for me was the improvement texturally aswell, it felt smoother and more plump which can be attributed to the anti-aging properties. 

Finally the

Resveratrol Cream

My favourite product of the entire range. The moisturing cream is applied post serum. It contains resveratrol an advanced anti-aging ingredient coupled with calming agents and peptides. I noticed immediately how nourishing an hydrating the cream was and how it left my skin soft and supple. It sealed in the serums perfectly and worked well to hydrate and moisturise my skin especially over night.

Note: I used the Exfol A Plus Serum on an off for the 2 month trial period but was careful to stop use for 7 days post in clinic dermal treatments.

Therefore wasn’t able to gage an clear view on how it worked for my Skin as my use wasn’t consistent . I did find it gentle and non irritating which is a lovely bonus for those beginning to use rentiol as apart of their night routine. 

My verdict:

I BLOODY loved it! 

I’m actually kicking myself for not switching things up sooner. I guess now I can see clearly that I was stuck in a bit of a skincare rut. I was constantly using products designed for acne concerns that I no longer had and never opened myself up to products that could improve and enhance my skin quality. But let me tell you the hype is real, I’m officially converted! My day to day routine has been shook and I’m excited to trial more from the Aspect Dr range. 

I’m now finding myself switching back and forth between my old routine and Aspect Dr purely as breakouts occur as I know by old favourites will keep them at bay.

Ignorance is no longer bliss and it’s comforting to know I’ve got the power of choice. 

Ladies, if you’re in a similar situation to me and looking to shake up your skincare game I cannot recommend the Aspect Dr range more highly. The proof is in the pudding and the fact they are now a permanent fixture for me says it all.

Sez Says 5/5

The Aspect Dr ABC Essential Kit– Retails for $195 and it’s a fantastic way to trial the range without committing to full size products.



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I’m going to keep this one short and sweet.

Are you blonde?

Do you LOVE ash tone?

Then buy this. Just do it ok.

For me this product is an absolute game changer. I’ve touched on my love for EVO FABULOSO PLATINUM BLONDE in a previous blog post 12 months ago, but allow me to delve a little deeper.

As a natural brunette who’s been blonde for well over 10 years I’ve trialled my fair share of toning products to a point where I consider myself to be a bit of a blonde tone connoisseur. I’ve experienced the highs and lows and a few too many Marge Simpson blue hair moments from pushing time limits to extremes.

After years of chopping and changing I had my favourites down pat when it came to removing brassy tones and achieving a beautiful cool ash. However there always seemed to be a trade off when using a high strength ‘purple shampoo’. My colour while cool and ashy was often dull in appearance OR the shampoo would simply be too drying for my hair. 

This is the reason why I completely stopped using blonde shampoo.

I know I know, I can hear the onslaught of blondies screaming blasphemy!!! But stay with me on this..

I too was reluctant at first, but after some convincing from my hairdresser to ditch the old school concept of a blonde shampoo I trialed EVO FABULOSO PLATINUM BLONDE COLOUR INTENSIFYING CONDITIONER and haven’t looked back.

It’s a colour enhancing conditioner that works to repair, condition, add shine, instantly tone and intensify hair colour.  It’s removes all brassiness and yellow tones without making hair dull in appearance It’s basically a treatment and toner all wrapped in one! #Valueformoney

Simply shampoo hair as usual, then lather EVO FABULOSO PLATINUM BLONDE COLOUR INTENSIFYING CONDITIONER into towel dried hair. Now Evo suggest leaving the treatment on for 3 minutes before rinsing but my rebellious-boundary-pushing – white-blonde-loving nature often waits 10 #eachtotheirown. Leaving you with not only nourished hair but a beautiful intensified ash blonde.

I use this treatment once a week for a little colour refresh and purchase from ADORE BEAUTY as they do next day delivery and have a great range of skin and hair products.

Sez Says : 4.5/ 5 – Highly recommend, use once per week for best results

Sez xx