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About two weeks ago I received a little gift from the team at Clarisonic and Adore Beauty. It was the very cute, compact and of course baby pink Mia Fit Cleansing System Device.

The Mia Fit is Clarasonic’s portable and travel friendly take on their cult favourite and original MIA sonic cleansing device. As a lover of all things skincare and beauty related, Clarisonic were definitely a brand that has always been on my radar.

But for whatever reason I was yet to trial their technology. I guess any kind of electric device that claims to penetrate and exfoliate the dermal layers of your skin can often be daunting. I was worried that on appearance it might be too harsh for my skin, but boy was I wrong.

The Clarisonic is so gentle and easy to use omitting 300 micro massages per second. It removes dirt, makeup and impurities and is 6x more effective than cleansing with your hands alone.

Thick, pore clogging, heavy duty makeup is often a huge part of my industry. As a result this year in particular I’ve found my skin to be heavily congested to a point where cleansers alone just weren’t cutting it.

Skin peels are my saviour. However, they are quite expensive and often require downtime so aren’t an ideal solution every two weeks.

Since using a Clarisonic device I can say it’s changed my entire cleansing game. For years I’ve aimlessly trialled cleanser after cleanser but never really found one that removed makeup adequately. So you can imagine the ‘eureka moment’ when I finally found a device that works in tandeum with any cleanser to remove all traces of makeup. Clarasonics’ brushes use sonic frequency which works with your skins elasticity, which no only removes makeup but provides a deep cleanse for you skin.

The Clarasonic mission is to beautifully transform skin delivering immediate satisfaction, and long-term results. Since launching their first device in 2004, Clarisonic have sold 15 million patented devices and counting. If those numbers alone don’t speak for themselves, you’ll be pleased to know Oprah Winfrey raves about her Clarisonic #ImSold #OprahKnowsAll

The beauty of the Clarisonic device and cleansing technique is that it’s completely fool proof (Sarah Proof).

To prep, I begin by removing all eye with remover and a pre cleanse. Then, apply cleanser directly to the brush head and run it under water for a few seconds until wet.

The pulsing t-timer is there to guide you through each stage and area of your face:

Forehead20 seconds

Nose and chin20 seconds

Each cheek10 seconds

Cleanse neck 20 seconds.

The beauty of this method is it allows a thorough cleanse without neglecting or over doing any key areas. From my personal experience I’d often forget about cleansing down my neck but the t-timer makes me accountable which is a feature I love. As effortless as the Clarasonic is, it’s also customisable with a power cleanse option of 80 seconds which I find extremely beneficial post workout or if removing long wear foundation.

For me, trialling the Clarisonic for the first week I quickly realised the harsh reality of just how much time and energy is wasted scrubbing your face with just cleanser alone. The hours I’d spend ineffectively trying to remove makeup only for it to remain on my face for days after. As a lover of white bed linen I can vouch for the Mia Fit by Clarisonic and say that since using it my pillowcases have remained white and bright, free from any makeup transfer.

Introducing a Clarisonic to your cleansing routine is non too similar to converting to an eletric tooth brush. To put it bluntly, it’s just a far more effective cleansing method, and gets the job done in half the time. I’ve seen the light and there’s no going back for me.

Fun fact, the inventor of the Clarisonic Technology was also a part of the team who created the Sonicare Toothrush stsytem. Coincidence? I think not.

The Mia Fit system is ideal for first timers as it’s small, compact and super easy to use. It’s chargeable via USB port which means anytime of the day is cleanse time. On the go gals, this means you can take your cleanse routine anywhere, I’ve even used it once or twice in the car #NoJudgement.

With Christmas around the corner there’s no better time to jump on the Clarisonic band wagon.

Adore beauty are currently giving shoppers a years supply of brush heads with any purchase of a Clarisonic device. Each brush head serves a different cleansing technique so it caters to all skin types.

The Adore Beauty Exclusive brush head kit includes:

Sensitive – easy introduction for sensitive to normal skin types (what I’m currently using).

Delicate – ultra gentle brush head for those delicate or extra sensitive skin.

Radiance – for a smoother radiant glowing skin gently cleansers away dullness.

Deep pore– cleans and refines clogged pores. For oily prone skin.

So be sure to add one to your Christmas wish list so you can start the new year with your best skin yet.

Merry Christmas



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