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November 2019

Invisalign Express – My Smile Journey

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Fun fact: your lower jaw never stops growing.

Your mandible (lower jaw) continues to grow forward throughout your entire life. This forward growth, while slow and small often results in your lower front teeth bumping into the upper front teeth from behind causing your upper front teeth to space out or lower front teeth to overcrowd becoming crooked.

By no means am I a perfectionist but as someone who endured two rounds of braces (once at 16 then again at 21) it really irked me that my teeth were still slightly crooked. I’d dealt with the pain, cuts in my mouth and the perpetual 16 year old fear that if I disco pashed another boy with braces we’d end up caught.

So I wasn’t ready to accept that after all that I just wouldn’t have straight teeth.

In an Instagram world full of the quick fix veneer which wasn’t a path I needed or wanted to go down. It was important for me to keep my teeth in their natural low maintenance state.

For two reasons:

1. My teeth were perfectly fine as they were with a good natural shape and no over crowding.

2. It would have been a real slap in the face to my parents who spent thousands on orthodontics over the years.

So when Dr Dee from Vogue Dental Studios suggested I give Invisalign’s newest Express format a go it was the perfect fit.

Invisalign Express in a nutshell is an orthodontic treatment that works in the same way as traditional Invisalign – just in a shorter duration requiring less aligners. It is an ideal option for people with minor crowding or spacing issues.

So, this one’s for the folks that just need a little tweak to their smile. If you’ve had braces before and suffered an orthodontic relapse or haven’t worn your retainer consistently #guilty.

Treatment plan:

My Invisalign Express treatment plan Consisted of 7 Retainers that were changed at intervals of 10 days. Note: treatment plans are determined on a case by case basis, which will determine the duration and number of aligners.

The Process:

Having experienced braces I found my Invisalign journey to be such a carefree and smooth process. The alligners were virtually undetectable and I was even able to wear them at work while on shoots. I experienced minimal discomfort when first starting a new retainer and only had a slight lisp that was picked up on by one close friend. The retainers are very discreet and I wore mine 24/7 only removing at mealtimes.

The Results:

As you can see my changes are very minimal. The bottom teeth were straightened and my smile was slightly widened overall.

Express Invisalign isn’t for everyone, in particular those who require a large amount of movement and correction. The team at Vogue Dental studios offer a wide variety of treatment plans that will be specific to each individual.

My opinion:

Honestly I couldn’t be more happy with the results. The short treatment plan, ease of the aligners and great results make this an easy recommendation for me. My treatment concluded with a few rounds of Zoom Whitening at Vogue Dental Studios leaving my smile Euro Summer ready.

Sez xx

Spring Racing – Race Day Clutch

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Just like that spring racing is nearly upon us.

Outfits sorted, hair/makeup done, innersoles-placed firmly in heels.

Now all that’s left is to pack the all important clutch.

With minimal space to spare it’s important to pack smart and condense down to just the necessities.

I’ve done the hard work for you and come up with a list of my top beauty picks and must haves for your race day clutch.

Consider this your spring racing survival pack which ensures your race day glam stays on-point from champagne breakfast until the very last race.

Lip Colour touch up- I’m yet to come across a lip product that could withstand 8 hours of race day eating and drinking. Whether you’ve opted for a bold red or a subtle nude it’s important to always have your touch up bases covered. Mecca offer a great range of Mac Cosmetics mini lipsticks that will fit snugly into your clutch when space is an issue.

Mini Mac Lipstick 

Powder- Spring Racing Carnival is the time to let your outfit shine, not your forehead. While I love a subtle highlight, too much shine is something we want to avoid. I love the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder as it helps remove oil residue without flattening the skin. It’s the best powder I’ve found for creating luminous skin and comesin travel size.

HourGlass Ambient Lighting Powder 

Eyelash glue  With the growing trend of cateye liner and volume lashes, all day maintenance is of utmost importance. Rushed mornings to gettrackside often mean eyelash glue might be missed in the corners causing them to lift by midday. Carrying a small tube of lash glue ensures you can reapply if needed and will probably make you very popular in the ladies’ bathroom around 2pm.

Model Rock Lashes 

Sunscreen- We’ve all seen the photos of those poor girls’ post-race day sporting some heftybright red tan lines. Although many of us use makeup with SPF we often neglect sunscreen application to the rest of our body. With shoulders and arms often exposed to direct sunlight it’s important to reapply every 2 hours. If you’re worried about white residue, I love the Drunk Elephant Umbra Tinte™ Physical Daily Defense SPF 30. It blends seamlessly into most skin tones leaving behind a glowy finish, making it the perfect addition to your race day glam routine.

Drunk Elephant Sunscreen 

Sunglasses- Nothing ruins a makeup look fasterthan constant squinting and frowning from sunglare. If youre in direct sun for most of the day opt for a pair of sleek shades that compliment your race day look. These are also a fool proof safety net in case your makeup doesn’t last the day. 


Hydration- I guess this one isn’t exactly an obvious beauty related tip and a water bottle may be too large to fit into your clutch. However, this is a gentle reminder to hydrate yourself prior,during and post-race day. This will ensure your skin is glowing, and help you feel a lot better the next day especially after a few champagnes.

Happy Racing Ladies

See you trackside!

Sarah x